HIRinc is breaking new ground for small and mid sized employers who want to hire the best, but can’t afford the time to review every detail of every resume that they receive for a job posting.

HIRinc has integrated a series of best-in-class recruiting tools and hiring techniques into a complete hiring system that automatically performs pre-qualification of applicants.

Our clients only need to review a short list of pre-qualified candidates through our easy-to-use dashboard, then we organize interviews for the selected candidates that the client selects. We also offer integrated skill testing and psychological assessment to provide as complete a view of a candidates aptitudes, interests and personality as possible.

We pride ourselves on the customer service and support that we provide through our dedicated team of Customer Service Representatives. Responsive, Supportive and Knowledgeable are the key notes of our CSR Team. An ideal team member is part web developer, part hiring technology savvy and part job content expert.

Our distributors represent a cross section of quality professional services firms, sophisticated recruiting firms and associations serving the needs of the business community from chambers of commerce to professional associations.